Our Story

With over 50 years combined B2B sales experience we have worked with major brands to help create intelligent sales funnels delivering warm leads on a regular basis. We live and breathe sales and digital marketing and we always aim to go the extra mile.

Our Vision

We help modern businesses create autonomous A.I based lead generation strategies to remove the need for cold calling and to build long term relationships with their new clients. The best prospects are those who have already enquired directly!


We use a unique AI platform to mimic the day to day laborious actions needed to ensure a continuous flow of hot leads. We combine this with professionally written, engaging content and a human touch at the right stage to ensure the warm leads keep on coming.

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How it works

Smart AI

The software uses your LinkedIn profile to target your future customers, connect with them on your behalf and send a sequence of bespoke personalised messages to secure a permission led phone call or appointment with someone who already has an interest in the services you provide.

Human Touch

Fully automated services can be a double edged sword. Whilst we recognise that the technology is a great enabler we know that the human touch in sales is key, recognising when someone is ready for you to speak to them is our speciality. We ensure that a human picks up the conversation.

Superior Service

At every stage you will recieve support via a dedicated account manager that you can communicate with by phone, instant message and email. We’ll not only help to answer your questions about the platform, but we’ll also provide strategic advice to help you take your campaigns to the next level.

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