5 Things You Should Know About Generating B2B Leads

b2b leads

Lead generation can be a complicated process, especially if you’re new to the game. But it helps if you familiarise yourself with the different terms and types of leads there are. For example, what is a B2B lead, and how does it differ from a B2C lead?

The answer is simple and complex all at once. B2B leads refer to businesses being targeted by other businesses. Meanwhile, B2C leads refer to when a business is targeting the consumer with its marketing efforts.

Sounds straightforward, right? In fact, there are many more things that set them apart from one another. To learn a little bit more about B2B lead generation, and how your business can master this fine art, read on.

1. They are Distinct from B2C Leads

As we’ve stated above, B2B leads are different than B2C leads and should be marketed in a different way. If you have some experience with B2C lead generation, this knowledge isn’t useless. It just needs to be applied to this situation a little differently.

2. You Need to Be More Targeted

When you’re targeting B2B leads, it’s not enough to create one or two campaigns and then sit back and watch the leads roll in. If only it were that easy.

The thing about B2B lead generation is that it needs to be hyper-specific. You will need to tailor your marketing material and campaigns based on which industry you want to attract. For each industry, product, and decision-maker, you’ll need to create a custom content strategy.

3. You’ll Require a Different Type of Content

While the buyer journey may technically look the same for any type of lead, the type of content you create for a B2B lead will differ from that for a B2C lead.

B2B leads are industry experts and decision-makers high up in their organizations. You will need to create content that is more in-depth and authoritative in order to grab their attention. You’ll also likely need to address them in a different tone than you would a B2C lead.

4. Use Social Media—in the Right Way

It’s a great idea to use social media to reach out to B2B leads. You’ll just have to do this in a slightly different way than with B2C leads. Try reaching out on Twitter and LinkedIn rather than Instagram or Facebook, as these sites are used more often for professional networking.

5. Utilise SEO

SEO is a best practice for lead generation, whether it’s B2B or B2C leads you want to attract. You’ll need to figure out which keywords to rank for, as these will differ depending on what industry you’re after. Make sure your page has a fast load time and is optimized for mobile as well, these are always good rules to follow.

Start Capturing More B2B Leads Today

Capturing B2B leads doesn’t have to be so hard. The more you know about lead generation in general, and B2B leads in particular, the easier it will be. If you’re in need of assistance with lead capture, digital marketing, or anything else, get in touch today to see how we can help.