Lead Linkr CRM

What is the Lead Linkr CRM?

Our CRM is an advanced cloud-based customer relationship management system.
As well as the typical CRM functions you would expect (think lead and account management etc.) we added functionality that enables you to manage your entire business from a single platform.
  • Send invoices, subscriptions, contracts and more with our Sales functions.
  • Manage budgets, reconcile transactions, produce accurate reports and more with our Accounting & Finance functionality.
  • Create job descriptions, store candidates and manage the hiring journey with our Recruitment functionality.
  • Your entire team can collaborate on projects, customer accounts, support queries and much more with a completely unlimited user licence.
  • Clients can access a Customer Portal to request support, review new & old invoices, manage contracts, purchase new services and more.

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Spend less, achieve more together.

With the Lead Linkr CRM you and your entire team can collaborate on projects, customer queries, reporting and much more with our completely unlimited user licence.
You will also benefit from:
  • Unlimited leads and/or customers
  • Unlimited proposals/invoices/subscriptions
  • Unlimited projects
There are no catches or hidden fees!