Lead Linkr New Features July Updates

What’s new?

We promised that more features were in the development phase and a few of these are now live. With these new features there has been a short window of BETA testing so please bear with us if some minor glitches occur in the coming days/weeks.

Create Campaigns from LinkedIn Groups

This allows you to message prospects directly without the need to connect with them, right now we have limited this to 100 messages/day, this limit includes all the steps of the group sequence combined.

To start with, the user can now select a new source, from groups, this will read in real time all the groups the client is part of. Users can use the same group multiple times as we will import only new profiles from that group with every new fetch, no duplicates. Each fetch will extract a max of 1008 profiles.

Once the campaign is created, you can see the source and from what group the campaign was created from. The sequence module will change to Group Sequence, and it will also have a daily limit. Keep in mind these act like the normal sequence, with the exception that in groups it no longer requires the profiles to be a first degree.

Also, same logic applies here, if they already have an open discussion on LinkedIn, only if “Include profiles that have already responded” is enabled, can the message be sent. So, if you see skipped profiles, this is why.

Saved Responses

You can now create saved response templates that can be used in the inbox, simply by accessing the Saved Responses tab inside the templates tab and then in the inbox you can select a user created or a pre-defined template.