LinkedIn Tips and Tricks for a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are over 30 million company profiles on LinkedIn. Learning about important LinkedIn tips will ensure your social media marketing strategy is complete.

LinkedIn gets 9 billion content impressions on a weekly basis. Using LinkedIn means you’re tapping into a powerful audience, especially for B2B marketing purposes.

You’ve worked hard on your business. You deserve to have a professional social media presence that generates leads and sales. Marketing on LinkedIn is an integral part of achieving that success.

Here are some tricks for devising a LinkedIn strategy:

Optimize Your Company Page

Optimize your LinkedIn page by filling out each section completely. Include accurate contact information and a branded cover photo. Better yet, put your business’s contact details on your cover photo for convenience.

Use SEO to help your business’s LinkedIn page get noticed by search engine crawlers. That way, they’ll index your faster and better than they would’ve otherwise.

Include relevant keywords and hashtags as necessary. Avoid using too many keywords, or else your SEO ranking will suffer.

LinkedIn Analytics

Knowing how to market on LinkedIn means using LinkedIn Analytics to your advantage. This section gives you detailed information and metrics about your page’s traffic.

For instance, LinkedIn Analytics provides visitor demographics. This information helps you learn more about your audience to finetune your LinkedIn marketing strategy. You could also compare the number of page views each tab gets and tweak your content strategy accordingly.

Publish Valuable Content (Consistently)

Content is King because it establishes thought leadership for you and your brand. LinkedIn audiences prefer educational content, so include helpful information in your content.

Longer content gets shared more than shorter content. Aim to make the most out of LinkedIn’s 1,300-character limit per post, and always proofread your content before posting it.

Include compelling, original images with your content. Attractive visual content drives up your engagement metrics and makes users more likely to share your other content on social media.

Use LinkedIn automation to plan and execute a consistent content calendar.

Matched Audiences

Matched Audiences lets you market your ads/content to your most relevant users. That includes your website’s visitors, people on your contact list, social media contacts, and more.

That way, you’re remarketing to qualified leads. Qualified leads are more likely to make purchases than other kinds of leads.

Get Your Employees’ Help

Encourage your employees to list your company as their employer. It will give you a boost in brand awareness because it advertises your brand to each employee’s LinkedIn following.

Also, convince star employees to participate in LinkedIn Groups. It’s a great way to network with other thought leaders in your field and humanize your brand.

Use These LinkedIn Tips to Your Advantage

40% of active LinkedIn users visit the platform daily. You’ll expand your reach if you use these helpful LinkedIn tips wisely.

Don’t just network with thought leaders on LinkedIn. Network with professionals and consumers who are interested in your brand as well. Any efforts to humanize your brand will pay off big time.