Mastering Sales Emails​

Sales emails are a part of everyday business. If your goals are to scale business this skill is essential. Think about it like this – sending out 1,000 emails takes much less time than making 1,000 calls. This scalability is what makes sales emails such an attractive lead generation method for companies.

In today’s world, that’s easier said than done, we know. Competition has never been fiercer and almost everything is digital these days. According to a report published by The Radicati Group, half of the world now uses email. Their predictions encompassing 2019-2023 suggest that the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received each day will exceed 319 billion this year alone! That is a lot of noise for your emails to cut through and compete with.

So, you ask, how can you make your emails stand out amongst this noise?

  1. Keep your subject line punchy –
    • One-word subject line – e.g. company name. Such a simple trick but it works because people remember the name and it creates intrigue.
    • Subject line as Call To Action – a quick way to direct your prospect, they will be happy to have a clear idea of why you are reaching out!
  2. Short and concise – The shorter they are, the more chance you have of getting a response! 
  3. Personalization – including personalized variables in your messages i.e. their name, company name, is a great way to promote that new relationship you are trying to build. It determines if your prospect feels like you are interested in working with THEM, not just everyone you have got on a list!
  4. Why you? – a short statement providing details of the problems you solve, info about the product or service you are selling and exhibiting the benefits of your product or service. What are the most important things you do for your clients? 
  5. Facts and statistics – if you have them, they can really elevate your pitch. Show off the value of your service to your prospect.
  6. CTA – maybe you have used this in your subject line as the point above suggested… On top or instead of that, in your message you will want to guide your prospect to one single outcome e.g. are they free for a short phone call? Would they like to download your whitepaper? Asking for a referral to a colleague better suited to procuring your service. This can be a very powerful tool and gives you the credibility of a recommendation by someone from within the company.

To conclude;

We would love to know if these tips helped make your emails standout amongst the crowd.

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