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White Label

Promote the Lead Linkr suite of solutions under your branding, on your custom domain.


Resell our software as your own with managed Lead Linkr staff support.

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Watch your profits soar as Lead Linkr generates and sells itself for you!

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Automated lead generation is one of the fastest growing industries in the digital world and is expected to be worth over 25 billion by 2024. That is also one of the reasons our agency clients typically see an average of 20% increase month-over-month. Our clients already re-selling the platform under their brand have a 98% customer retention rate and proudly promote the world’s best LinkedIn automation platform under their brand.

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Start running a profitable SaaS business within days.

Resell a marketing and lead gen software that is in very high demand. You will create your own pricing and set your own margins.

Custom Branding

Brand it with your own logo, colour scheme, specification and custom domain and give your clients a login to the platform as if you built the dashboard in-house.

We’ll handle the entire rebranding setup for you, within 48-72 hours after signup. Also, we handle the hosting, maintenance and portal set up on your behalf.

World class customer support

Our excellent account management and technical support teams are always on hand to handle any queries and provide technical assistance. We guarantee our clients “rapid response” of under 60 minutes during business hours, and same day query resolution to oversees customers.