Why You Should Consider Using Autonomy and AI in Lead Generation for Your Business

If you are considering becoming one of the 35% of businesses that use AI in the workplace, you are making the right choice!

We’re going to talk about AI lead generation, how and why artificial intelligence is perfect for finding and reaching potential clients. Read on to learn how you can boost your ROI!

Efficient Data Analysis

Human beings can only analyze one data set at a time, and this is a painstaking process that can be time-consuming. They cannot multitask, unlike many of the data analysis software options out there e.g., Google Analytics and HubSpot.

AI can analyze data from multiple programs all at once and will simply give you the precise information that you are looking for within minutes. This is essential to lead generation because you will have a full list of potential clients in no time at all. You can spend the time you would have been analyzing data to reach out to these leads.

Technologies Are Diverse

It is also important to understand that there is no single kind of artificial intelligence. AI is a diverse concept—many different types of bots perform different functions. This means that you can go about lead generation in the best way for you.

There are AI bots that analyze website visitors and see what demographics you are attracting. Some can assess which pages on your website are the most engaging. Others, called chatbots, can reach out to site visitors and help with any questions that they may have.

All of these artificial intelligence technologies have their unique uses. These technologies will respectively help you optimize your site for your main target audience, understand what type of content is most engaging, and have 24-hour customer service.

AI Vs. Autonomy

Autonomy simplistically means a system can act independently by using artificial intelligence to make independent decisions when faced with scenarios. Fully autonomous systems can operate without any form of human intervention.

Confusingly, you can have AI without autonomy e.g., Deciding what move to make next but not being able to act on this without approval. And, you can have autonomy without AI in its less sophisticated forms.

The magic comes when you combine the two!

You get something that can Observe (natural language processing and computer vision), Orient, Decide (data science and machine learning), and Act (robotics and autonomy). This, perceived as “AI-enabled autonomy” by Amir Husain and Kathleen Walch argue that while autonomous patterns systems can be hard to implement, when done correctly, it can have an incredible impact. 

AI and Autonomy Saves Money and Boosts ROI

AI, with or without autonomy, can take time-consuming, monotonous tasks away from employees, who can then focus on the human interaction and quality service you provide. This is also a great way to save money on lead generation because you will not need to install and pay a subscription to various data analysis software that you do not need.

You will always get accurate results, which allow you to save additional time without the factor of human error. You can use this time to reach out to and connect with clients as well as to innovate new products and services.

Get Started With Lead Generation

Now that you know why AI lead generation is an essential part of every business’s future, it is time to get started!

Contact us to discuss the various types of AI and autonomous technology that you can purchase today. Our experts are happy to help you find something that will analyze your data and generate quality leads from your website and other online pages.

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